Laminate Flooring How To – Covering Concrete Stairs With Laminate


Now you are in possession of a gorgeous laminate flooring and also you’re wondering in case you should complete the cement staircase in laminate to provide the room a cohesive, designer texture. To start with is it possible? Can you pay concrete with laminate? The reply is certainly. In fact, when you have ever covered wooden staircase, the process is comparable, except the nosing setup is a bit trickier.

What You’ll Require

To accomplish this job you’ll need:

PL200 or stronger structure glue
Talent saw for cutting edge laminate
Chop saw for cutting edge alloy nosings
drill using a definite piece
electrical screwdriver
plastic pliers
I would suggest using metallic nosings since these are stronger, and also will hold better on concrete stairs. (Laminate nosings that come in a kit can also be exacting because the monitors want to stay exactly the correct spot, also there’s not a lot of standardization–every manufacturer creates a marginally different size/style of timber nosing).

What to Accomplish

Start with crossing the stairs and cleaning up any shavings or dust. You’ll need a fresh area for the adhesive to adhere precisely to the concrete and laminate. As soon as the area remains clean, start together with the risers 1st.

Measure, mark and cut on each laminate plank to suit the riser with the groove facing downwards. Glue the riser along with the rear part of the board, and fasten the plank in place, again, ensuring the groove is at the bottom of the riser. Once most of the risers are glued, then you are all set to begin to the nosings wooden stairs.

Start with measuring and cutting on the metallic nosings to match. Mark on the cement in which the screws goes , then with a drill with a definite piece, drill the holes. Place a plastic plugin every hole. Amount the nosings in order to match all to the correct tread when you screwnail them in later.

Measure, cut and mark on each laminate plank to suit the fold with the groove side facing inwards to fulfill up with the base of the riser. Arranging the boards so the groove onto your riser matches the groove onto the tread makes for a tidy, professional advantage inside the corner. Glue the tread and the back of the board and also secure the board in place, ensuring that groove faces inward.

Stair nosings are intended to finish the appearance by capping the lip of their stair. Regrettably, with cement staircase this can be quite a bit tricky whilst the lip to the stairs is often thicker than the actual stair nosing. If that could be actually the cut a laminate plank that it’s spacious enough to pay the the concrete lipgloss, and paste it to the face of the lip on every tread. Subsequently fasten the nosing on the shirt by screwnailing it throughout the laminate tread into the pre-drilled holes in the concrete. (should you’ve already covered the lip-face with laminate, then you can glue the nosing to the countertop to get additional adherence, and then screwnail the very top of this nosing into position.)

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