YouTube Profit Secret – Are You Unwittingly Funneling Your YouTube Viewers to Your Competitors?

The verdict is in: YouTube is a powerful ally in the growth of your online or traditional brick and mortar business. Skeptical? Then take a look at these stunning facts:

YouTube is now the #2 search engine on the web. And if you don’t have videos on YouTube, you are missing on millions of searches done by your perfect customers and client
YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing site. The others don’t even come close clickfunnels personal plan.
YouTube is no longer just for folks with too much time on their hands. Its a serious business tool, used by small entrepreneurs as well as corporate giants.

However, if you aren’t careful, YouTube may be handing scores of your viewers right over to your competitors.

Here is why:

When you embed a YouTube video on your site, using their easy copy and paste embed option, when your video concludes, clickable thumbnails of scores of other videos are shown. Meaning your viewers can click on them and be taken away from your blog, website or wherever you embedded the video. But there is a quick way you can avoid this mistake, and keep all your viewers to yourself.

First, go to the page where the video you uploaded to YouTube is displayed.

Second, to the right of your video near the top of the page is a gray box with a text field titled Embed. This is what you can copy and paste into your blog or web page to have your video show up.

But no so fast! You new take one more step to insure you aren’t funneling your viewers to your competitors. To the right of the Embed text field is a small button with what looks like a blue gear on it. Click it and you will see several options appear. One of which is a check box titled Include related videos. Make sure this box is unchecked. This is crucial: Make sure the Included related videos box is unchecked. This automatically changes the embed code so that when your video ends, their only option is to replay your video. Keeping your viewers on your site, and increasing the probability they will become your customer.

The fact is, your customers are not only responding to online video marketing, they are expecting it. And by knowing a few simple secrets like this, you can insure your videos return many times the investment in time it took to create them.

Though you may not know it, there are scores of small tweaks and simple keys just like this you can use to catapult your business with online video.